About Us

Once upon a daydream, these two carefree whippersnappers were paired together and asked to do the buying for a local high end clothes store. Long nights were spent in clammy hotel rooms, drinking milk, discussing the industry and fantasizing about one day opening a shop of their own. Eventually, they upped and left for London, snapping up jobs with some of the biggest names in global fashion. 

After 3 years of hard graft and a tiny touch of partying (!!) they decided to take their knowledge back home to Middlesbrough, where they felt their input could really make a difference. They carefully hand selected rare and exclusive brands, choosing apparel and accessories especially for the creative, fiesty young ladies of their town (because, let's face it...There's HUNDREDS of those babies, and who else is gonna give them what they need?!) 

So, after a nail-biting, head-scratching, fingers-bleeding few months, here we are!

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